NERVE MODELS / greenSL key

Longitudinal Model of Spinal Cord with Spinal Canal by Somso
a Temoral bone
b Occipital bone
c First cervical vertebra
d Seventh cervical vertebra
e First rib
f Twelfth rib
g First lumbar vertebra
h Fifth lumbar vertebra
i Sacrum
Brain, Cerebrum
A Frontal Lobe
B Insula
C Pons
D Cerebellum
E Spinal cord
The Twelve Cerebral Nerves
I Olfactory nerves
II Optic nerve
III Oculomotor nerve
IV Trochlear nerve
V Trigeminal nerve
VI Abducens nerve
VII Facial nerve
VIII Vestibulocochlear nerve
IX Glossopharyngeal nerve
X Vagus nerve
XI Accessory nerve
XII Hypoglossal nerve
Spinal Cord
8 Cervical nerves
12 Thoracic nerves
5 Lumbar nerves
5 Sacral nerves
1 Coccygeal nerve
1 Cervical region of spinal cord
2 Cervical plexus
3 Brachial plexus
4 Thoracic region of spinal cord
5 Anterior tract of spinal cord
6 Anterior median fissure
a Iliohypogastric nerve
b Ilioinguinal nerve
c Genitofemoral nerve
d Lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh

7 Anterior root of spinal nerve
8 Posterior root of spinal nerve
9 Nerve ganglion
10 Dura mater of the spinal cord
11 Denticualte ligament
12 Lumbar region of spinal cord
13 Lumbar plexus
e Femoral nerve
f Obturator nerve
14 Sacral region of spinal cord
15 Terminal fibre
16 Sacral plexus
17 Lumbosacral trunk
18 Rami ventrales of 5 sacral nerves
19 Coccygeal nerve
20 Sympathetic trunk of the sympathetic nervous system
21 Cervical part of the sympathetic trunk
22 Rami interganglionares
24 Pelvic part of the sympathetic trunk