Fall 2006- Section 2095 Wednesdays, August 30 - October 18, 2006 1:30 - 3:45 p.m., LL100

Instructor: Krista Goguen Librarian, Shatford Library, Pasadena City College

          Office: LL 108, phone: 626-585-7832, e-mail:

          Office Hours: Monday 11a.m. - Noon
                             or feel free to call, stop by or make an appointment.
         Reference Desk hours: Thursdays 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.   

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Introduction to the Course

Course Description:
LIB 1 provides an introduction to the organization and knowledge of academic libraries including online catalogs; periodical indexes, and electronic resources; research strategies; selection and evaluation of reference sources; component parts of books and citations; preparation of bibliographies, and awareness of Internet Resources. Total of 18 hours lecture. Transfer Credit: CSU; UC.

Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Utilize knowledge of the organization, resources and services of academic libraries and the basic steps of the research process to retrieve relevant print and online information sources.
  • Demonstrate effective research strategies, including developing a topic , selection of types of resources, and evaluation of information quality.
  • Critically evaluate and differentiate sources of information for research projects.

  • Cite sources correctly following a citation format.

Hints from other sucessful LIB 1 students:

  • Keep up with the weekly reading and workbook assignments.
    Plan to spend at least 2 hours per week outside of class time for reading and completing homework assignments.
  • Ask questions in class
  • Meet with the instructor during the week to discuss or review assignments and/or ask for help at the Reference desk.
  • Take this opportunity to explore the library and online resources.

Course Requirements and policies:

Required Workbook: Lib 1 Workbook: Basic Library Research Skills FALL 2006 ed.
Make sure you get the Fall 2006 ed. available from the campus bookstore.
One copy on Reserve atthe Library - Instructor Reserves for: Goguen (2 hour check out).

  • Complete weekly required reading as specified in the course outline.
    Required reading includes the weekly summaries of concepts and vocabulary in the LIB1 Workbook and the weekly chapters from the Online Textbook and online documents (all linked to the course outline)

Attend classes 160 points (8 classes x15 points) and 40 points for in-class activities

This is a short-term class. If you are absent more than one class session, you may be dropped. Contact the Instructor if you miss a class.If you decide to stop coming to class, it is your responsibility to drop or withdraw from the class by or before the 4th week of class at the registration office.

Weekly Workbook Assignments: 140 points (7x20)
and Review Questions on page 7 in the workbook 25 points (5 x 5)

Complete and hand in weekly assignments.The weekly assignments are included in the LIB 1 Workbook (the yellow sheets).
  • Each Assignment is due one week after assigned and is worth up to 20 points.
  • Full credit is give for correct, complete and on-time assignments.
    Assignments that are incomplete or incorrect can be re-submitted up to 2 weeks after initial due date
    . Late assignments will only be accepted until the following class meeting (i.e. 1 week late).
    No assignments will be accepted after the last class meeting.

Final Project: Complete a List of Works Cited on your topic.
(Due last day of class). 50 points

  • Your "List of Works Cited must have at least 10 citations, including the following types of sources: 1 encyclopedia article (print or electronic), 2 books, 5 periodical articles (including at least one each from a journal, a magazine and a newspaper ), and 2 Internet sources.
    Note: all of these sources will be identified as part of your LIB 1 assignments.

Quizzes: 40 points Final quiz 30 points, TILT pre-quiz = 10 points.

Grading is based on total points = 415
A <90% B= 80-89 % C= 70-79% D= 60-69% F < 59 %

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